The GEOPATHS Project, funded by the National Science Foundation, is designed to increase recruitment, retention, and graduation of students from all backgrounds in environmental geoscience fields. Twenty GEOPATHS Scholars will participate in a two-year extracurricular program as part of a cohort of science-interested students. Activities will include career development experiences, undergraduate research opportunities, extended summer field trips to the Western U.S., and community internships. Scholars will work closely with SIUE professors from the Departments of Environmental Sciences and Geography and professional geoscientists to learn geoscientific skills, build a professional network, develop strong connections with peers, and participate in projects that use geosciences to support community health, safety, resiliency, sustainability, and environmental justice. We are accepting applications in Fall 2021 and will select 6 undergraduate students to begin the program in the Spring Semester 2021. We are seeking applications from students who are two years away from graduation and are excited to participate in the GEOPATHS activities. (Note: This is not a financial scholarship, rather it is a set of paid opportunities.)

Note that the funding agency requires that scholars are U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, or permanent residents of the United States.

Varies based on student's choice of opportunities
Area of Interest
Supplemental Questions
  1. Personal Statement: The GEOPATHS Project is intended to increase the diversity of geoscientists and reduce the predicted future shortage in the U.S geoscience workforce. Thus, the National Science Foundation is interested in recruiting a range of students, with diverse backgrounds and experiences. The GEOPATHS Scholars program gives students with strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) capabilities the opportunity to participate in research and a range of educational experiences to prepare for a career as a scientist who uses geosciences to serve society. Please submit a 500-word statement describing your interest in the GEOPATHS Project and how you will exemplify the characteristics sought in a GEOPATHS Scholar. Your statement should include a description of the following: 1) your specific research area(s) of interest, and 2) the qualities you would contribute to the GEOPATHS program and how those qualities would benefit both the program and its participants.
  2. Please upload an unofficial transcript from your current college or university.
  3. Please upload an unofficial transcript from any other college or university you have attended.
  4. Please provide the name and email of someone that can provide a reference for you. A letter is NOT required at the time of application, but we may contact your reference if we have a question about your application..