Cougar Pride Scholarship - Freshmen

Admitted first-year freshmen with a cumulative 3.0 high school GPA (4.0 scale) are eligible. The award amounts are as follows: 3.0-3.24 = $2,000/year; 3.25-3.49 = $2,500/year; 3.5-3.74 = $3,000/year; 3.75 -3.99 = $3,500/year; 4.0 = $4,000/year. Awards are renewable for 4 years. The admission application serves as the Cougar Pride Scholarship application. This award is offered only to new first-year freshmen enrolling for the fall term. For more details, visit

Up to $16,000 over 4 years as funding is available
Area of Interest
All prospective incoming freshmen