Adrienne Nicole Martin Memorial Scholarship in Art Therapy

The recipient will be chosen by a committee established by the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences based on the following criteria:

  • Must be a first-year student enrolled in the Masters in Art Therapy Program
  • Must demonstrate financial need
  • Must maintain full-time graduate-level status
  • Committee will also select candidate upon review of the student’s statement of intent essay included in the application to the MA Therapy program.

The amount is anticipated to be $1,000 annually.

Area of Interest
Art & Design, College of Arts and Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit a printed image of your personal artwork.
  2. In a one-page written essay, answer the following questions: 1. What does your artwork say about you as a person? 2. What do you hope to accomplish by being an art therapist?
  3. Please provide a statement of financial need that includes information on your expenses, debt and income. Be as detailed as possible.
  4. Are you currently receiving student loans to finance your education?
  5. What is your current outstanding student loan debt? (Available on
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