Phi Kappa Phi Undergraduate Scholarship

Chapter 203 of the Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society provides an undergraduate scholarship each spring semester. Students who are eligible for this scholarship:

• Must be an undergraduate with at least junior standing (60 hours) at the end of the fall semester 2022. Students graduating in May 2023 are not eligible.
• Must have a minimum grade point average of 3.5
• Must have earned at least 24 semester hours at SIUE by the end of the fall 2022 semester.
*Note: Students who receive a 100% waiver for tuition and fees are not eligible for this scholarship.

Students must provide the following:

• Up-to-date transcript (Fall 2022 grades must be submitted as soon as available)
• Resume that includes work experience, self-development and service activities, extra-curricular activities, financial scholarships and/or awards, school and/or other organizational memberships
• Personal statement that describes the most valuable aspect of the educational experience at SIUE
• Statement of career goals that articulates how his/her/their SIUE education will help fulfill these goals
• Two confidential letters of recommendation from SIUE faculty or staff

NOTE: Students should follow up on their requests for letters to be sure that they have been submitted by the deadline.

All students are welcome to apply. The scholarship amount is $750. If a student is a Phi Kappa Phi member or becomes a new initiate, an additional $250 is available for this scholarship. Payments will be made directly to the student’s account at the SIUE Bursar’s Office. The award must be fully disbursed at SIUE within twelve (12) months of receipt.

Area of Interest
College of Arts and Sciences, Phi Kappa Phi, School of Business, School of Education Health & Human Behavior, School of Engineering, School of Nursing
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide an up-to-date transcript that includes your grades from the fall semester.
  2. Please upload your resume.
  3. Please submit a personal statement that describes the most valuable aspect of your educational experience at SIUE.
  4. Please provide a statement of your career goals that articulates how your SIUE education will help fulfill these goals.
  5. Please submit the name and e-mail of the first SIUE faculty or staff member who is providing a letter of reference for you.
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