SIUE Alumni Association License Plate Scholarship

This scholarship opportunity has been made available through the SIUE Alumni Association as a result of State of Illinois SIUE collegiate license plate sales. Applicants must complete an essay question and must meet the following criteria: current SIUE undergraduate students in good academic standing, US citizens, residents of Illinois and have financial need with a completed FAFSA form on file.

Area of Interest
Alumni Association
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please list all co-curricular activities and any office held, if applicable (clubs, sports, volunteerism, family responsibilities, etc.). Be sure to indicate whether you participated in each activity during high school, community college, or while in college.
  2. Please list honors, awards and/or scholarships you have received (indicate whether you received these during high school, community college, or while in college).
  3. Please explain your financial need and why you should be chosen for this scholarship. (minimum of 50 words)
  4. Reflect on your personal experience with diversity, equity, and inclusion. How do you envision/want to grow your abilities in these areas at SIUE? (minimum 50 words)