Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Endowment

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Award recognizes SIUE undergraduate students who exemplify Dr. King’s teachings, principles and philosophical beliefs. The Selection Committee seeks to recognize outstanding accomplishments in the areas of academic achievement, leadership, and service. It is in the spirit of Dr. King’s rich heritage and legacy that Southern Illinois University Edwardsville proudly offers the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Award on an annual basis to deserving students.

The recipient of the Scholarship Award will receive an award of tuition for one academic semester of full-time study at SIUE. If the recipient’s tuition is covered by other financial aid, the amount equal to the tuition will be applied to fees, housing or other University issued educational expenses. In the event that a recipient is entering graduate study at SIUE the term following the award, the award may be used for such a purpose. The award will be made directly to the Office of the Bursar at SIUE in the name of the recipient and will be adjusted in conjunction with the recipient’s financial aid package. The Scholarship Award may only be used for SIUE educational expenses.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: All interested students are encouraged to apply for this scholarship which will be awarded based on a consideration of the following criteria:
1. Be an SIUE undergraduate student who has demonstrated the characteristics and ideals of Dr. King,
2. Have been admitted for full-time study at SIUE,
3. Have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale),
4. Have completed at least one academic term as a full-time university student at SIUE.

Scholarship Applicants will be judged on the following criteria:

■ Scholarship
■ Commitment to humanitarian ideals
■ Leadership and/or community service
■ Three letters of recommendation
■ A personal statement of 200 words which express a commitment to the values and beliefs
of Dr. King, as well as your future goal
■ A brief essay describing your self-reflection of how social justice efforts can begin with you
■ Personal resumé
■ Personal interview

You must submit all required materials in order to be a candidate for consideration.

Each applicant will be notified of the Committee’s decision. If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact Vicky Dean at (618) 650-5296.

One (1) semester full tuition for an undergraduate SIUE student
Supplemental Questions
  1. Send Reference Request
  2. Letter of Recommendation
  3. Letter of Recommendation
  4. Letter of Recommendation
  5. Resume
  6. Essay
  7. Personal Statement
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