Employment Training Grants

Several programs are eligible for full or partial funding through Employment and Training Centers to assist job seekers in gaining the skills needed to get a job or start a new career. These programs can help eligible individuals who are displaced, unemployed, laid off, underemployed, veterans or economically disadvantaged by providing funds to pursue certain programs of study. Funding sources include the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) and Dislocated Worker Programs. Most federal funding programs may be utilized for up to two years.
At SIUE, the following undergraduate and training programs are approved for funding:
• Accelerated RN to BS Nursing
• Accountancy
• Business Administration
• Civil Engineering
• Nursing
• Water Quality Control Operations

To determine eligibility, students should contact their county Employment and Training Department.
• Madison County Employment and Training Department (includes Bond County), 618-296-4533
• Workforce Development Group (St. Clair, Monroe, Randolph, Clinton and Washington Counties), 618-825-3259