ASCE Structural Engineering Institute-St. Louis Chapter Structural Engineering Scholarship (Civil Engineering)

“Criteria: The SEI-St. Louis Chapter Structural Engineering Scholarship is open to all students that have graduated with, or will receive before July 1, 2018, a B.S. degree and have been accepted to a Midwestern university for graduate studies in Structural or Civil Engineering with a structural emphasis. The university awarding the B.S. degree and graduate degree shall have an ABET-accredited B.S. in Civil Engineering program. The intent of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance for structural engineering studies towards a master’s degree. The scholarship awardee will be selected annually based on their enthusiasm for structural engineering, their appreciation of the importance that field experience plays in the professional growth of an engineer, and their academic record.”

$1,500 to a single applicant or split the $1,500 between two applicants
Area of Interest
School of Engineering