FOTAD Award in Theater History, Literature & Criticism

Recipient must be a declared Theater and Dance major with a specialization in Theater History/Literature/History and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Recipient must be enrolled full time in spring semester 2019. Applicants will be selected by the Friends of Theater and Dance Awards for Excellence Committee. Amount of award will be determined by funds available.

Along with the required information and materials to be uploaded, please prepare a presentation on a thesis paper no longer than two pages to be presented at an interview with FOTAD awards committee on February 8.

Sign up for an interview appointment in the Theater and Dance office by February 4.

Area of Interest
College of Arts and Sciences, Theater and Dance
Supplemental Questions
  1. Who is your Theater and Dance Area Adviser?
  2. What is the name and e-mail address of the faculty member who is nominating you for this award?
  3. Please upload your current transcript from Cougarnet. Must be in PDF format.
  4. Please upload your letter to FOTAD (No longer than one page and in PDF format) that includes the following: An overview of your study in Theater or Dance, Your specialization or areas of interest in Theater or Dance, Your individual skills and attributes that make you a qualified candidate and your future goals.
  5. Please upload a high resolution digital 4 X 6 photo of yourself. Must be in in JPG format.
  6. Please upload your thesis paper (No longer than two pages).
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