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Welcome to the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Scholarship website! The opportunities listed below are SIUE Scholarships offered by various schools, departments, and units throughout the University.

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Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
$1,000.00 Bill & Jean Luan STEAM Scholarship - College of Arts and Sciences
This scholarship is available to a graduate or undergraduate student...
$1,000 Elevate East St. Louis Scholarship
This opportunity provides scholarship support for SIUE students from...
$3000 Boeing Company Business Scholarship
To a full-time student who has a minimum 3.2 GPA, who has declared a...
$8000 Walker Scholarship in Business
To a student majoring in business with a GPA of 3.0 or greater.
$1000 Ameren Illinois Scholarship
To a student who is a declared Business major, in good academic...
$1000 Brown Smith Wallace Accounting Scholarship
To a business student majoring in accounting with a GPA of 3.0 or greater.
Varies Bill & Jean Luan STEAM Scholarship - Engineering
To provide scholarship support for students in the SIUE College of Arts...
Up to $1,000 Research Grants for Research Doctoral Students
The Research Grants for Research Doctoral Students (RGRDS) awards small...
$1000 Ann L. Banduhn Memorial Scholarship - Mathematics & Statistics
This scholarship is available to students majoring in Mathematics &...
$500 Coronado MBA Scholarship
To an MBA student based on information contained in their scholarship...
$50 Edward K. Brennar Award
To a graduating senior majoring in Management to honor the late Edward...
$1,000 Enterprise Holdings Emerging Student Leader Scholarship
To a full-time undergraduate student in good academic standing who is a...
$500 Gateway to Innovation Scholarship Endowment
For a full-time junior or senior student with a cumulative GPA of at...
$5,000 Grady Family Foundation Entrepreneurship Scholarship - School of Business
Donor’s gift will be used for scholarship support for SIUE School of...
$2,000 Hortica Insurance and Employee Benefit Scholarship
To a full-time undergraduate student in his/her sophomore, junior or...
$200 Kenneth A. Kloos & Kenneth L. & Charla Kloos Scholarship
To a student majoring in a business-related area with a minimum 2.5 GPA.
$4,000 Messing Family Scholarship
To a student from an underrepresented population majoring in Business...
$250 Patrick E. Calvin CMIS Scholarship Endowment
To a full-time undergraduate student who is a declared Business major in...
$500 R. Marty Burns Memorial Scholarship
To a Business student in good academic standing with financial need who...
$500 Robert R. Phillips Study Abroad Memorial Scholarship
To a student with a minimum 3.0 GPA who plans to apply and study abroad...
$4,000 Rotary Club of Edwardsville Scholarship
To a student who is a full-time, declared Business major with junior or...
$2,000 Sally J. Page MBA Scholarship Endowment
To provide scholarship support for a student in good standing enrolled...
$4,000.00 The SIOR St. Louis Chapter & The SIOR Foundation Scholarship
Enrollment Status: Junior or Senior status *Overall GPA: 3.0 or...
$100 Vera Whyers Memorial Scholarship
To commemorate Vera Whyer’s dedication to SIUE and to provide...
$2,000 Waterways Management Scholarship
To a declared Business major who resides in Illinois or Missouri, with...
$5,000 Wenzel CPA Scholarship
$5000 scholarship for a senior or graduate level business student...
$2,500 William E. Baker Memorial Scholarship for Business
Scholarship for a non-traditional business student.
$1,000 Robert A. and Margaret K. Schultheis Scholarship
To a deserving student entering his or her junior year in Computer...
$3,000 William and Florence Schmidt Memorial Scholarship
Academic Year 23/24: Renewal award for current Schmidt Scholars that...
$4000 Homer L. Cox Scholarship Incoming Freshman Scholarship (School of Business)
For incoming Freshmen to the School of Business. The Homer L. Cox...
$8,000.00 Homer L. Cox Scholarship Transfer Student Scholarship Fall 2023 (School of Business)
For incoming transfer students. The Cox Scholarship is renewable (up to...
$250 Owen Jacquemin Sullivan Award in Business Administration
To recognize an outstanding student in Business Administration.